You've heard the saying that employees don’t quit companies, they quit their bosses!

The same is true for software developers.

One of the biggest lessons I've learned running my own software agency is that developers become unhappy, disengaged, and demotivated when poor leadership and unproductive 1:1s are ignored for way too long.

So, I made it my mission to make managers better leaders and engineers better coders. The result? HAY.  

HAY is a developer-focused, non-HR solution that helps engineering managers lead their dev teams with compassion, context, and a sense of direction.  

It achieves this by focusing on the following areas:

Work output, which is a context-based, data-driven analysis of code commits, pull requests, code review comments, and documentation updates;

Wellbeing, to analyze mood trends and see how happy developers are on projects, in teams, and in the company;

Team feedback, gathered from teammates, and answers questions like: Is the developer willing to help? Does he or she communicate well with others? And also,

Career growth, where learning, setting goals, and professional development are explored.

In this blog, you'll find content specific to the challenges that engineering managers face every day. We're talking about confronting burnout and dealing with mental health all the way to metrics, productivity, and how to have regular and meaningful conversations that show you really care about your developers.

First up on the chopping block - why we should do away with performance reviews. Read about why we prefer to call them development conversations here.